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Career Opportunities

Not only affirming the reputation, Vietthink is also a place to experience ideal career opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career as a lawyer.

For lawyers who have affirmed their reputation, Vietthink is a professional playground for them to improve their professional knowledge, anneal the bravery of job and dedicate more and more to society. For big and complicated cases, Vietthink’s lawyers have to apply their overview knowledge, sharp thinking, and excellent experience and enlarged social relationships to solve those cases. Vietthink also creates forums for experienced lawyers to present their legal opinion to society’s and country’s issues as well as contribute to the development and improvement of Vietnam legal system. Additionally, Vietthink also is the place for senior lawyers to transmit the enthusiasm and professional experience to the youth.

For junior lawyers, Vietthink is a great environment for them to bring their knowledge from university into practical application. Vietthink is the school of hard knocks for them to experience and accumulate real-life experience. Due to daily work, lawyers have opportunities to be experienced in practice, deepen thought, expand visions and relationships, acquire and accumulate experiences of predecessors. Thereby helping them to grow up in their careers quickly and affirm their individual professional reputation.

In addition, Vietthink also is the place where young talents germinate on the way to pursue their career. Every year, the excellent students of the legal training institutions are well selected to participate in an internship course at Vietthink. Thereby, they are acquainted with the professional work environment and initially forming consciousness and working style. By the enthusiastic guidance of Vietthink lawyers, the interns also have opportunities to have access to practical issues that help them to gain necessary knowledge and skills as baggage to enter the career after leaving university.

Last updated: 09/24/2021