Regular Legal Consultancy

At present, a lot of enterprises, organizations and individuals are expecting to be regularly consulted and supported on legal. In fact, using regularly legal advice services will prevent enterprises from legal risk, saving time and costs, and contributing to changing habits in the operation of organizations and enterprises. Foreseeing this demand, Vietthink has built and provided clients with a full package of regularly legal advice services with respect to all aspects of the operation of organizations and enterprises. Including:
  • Updating and providing new regulations related to field of business of organizations and enterprises
  • Reviewing and assisting to finalize the internal governance documents, system of form and templates for internal governance and forms of business transactions of organizations and enterprises
  • Answering or giving legal opinion (orally or in writing) on issues related to the operation of organizations and enterprises.
  • Assisting to draft documents, official documents, correspondence between organizations and enterprises with their clients or partners and/or competent authorities;
  • Assisting to draft economic contract, commercial contract, civil contract between organizations and enterprises and their clients or partners; or Reviewing and revising the draft of contract which organizations and enterprises received from their clients or partners;
  • Representing or accompanying organizations and enterprises to participate in the process of negotiation and signing contract with their clients or partners
  • Representing enterprises to work with competent authorities or third parties related to the operation of enterprises