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Pride Of Vietthink

Over a decade of development, with outstanding successes in professional activities and social responsibility, Vietthink has demonstrated its brand influence by being recognized by the enterprise community, investors and the whole society.

Vietthink has been appointed as regular legal consultant of more than 20 organizations, mainly corporations, domestic and foreign enterprises, including big brands such as: Vietnam National Cement Corporation (Vicem), Dong Bac Corporation (Ministry of Defence), Viglacera Corporation (Ministry of Construction), Sovico Group, Vietjet Air, Panasonic Corporation (Japan), BHFlex (Korea), Globe One Fintech Group (USA), etc. Besides, Vietthink also provides legal services for hundreds of enterprises and organizations that are loyal clients. Vietthink has also been a reliable partner of many associations, agencies and NGOs in Vietnam, such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Hanoi People’s Committee, Phu Tho Province People’s Committee, Quang Ninh Province People’s Committee, Vietnam National University, etc.

Our key to success comes from the development philosophy based on internal resources. From attracting human resources, training, orientating career to shaping a professional working style is an elaborate process that Vietthink has persistently pursued for years. Up to now, Vietthink has gathered a team of qualified and professional lawyers with high manners in law practice. With extensive knowledge and rich practical experience in many fields, as well as the dynamic and confident style, Vietthink’s lawyers are the typical representative of the new Vietnamese lawyer Generation in the 4.0 era with great ambitions and aspirations to make valuable contributions to the Country.

Vietthink’s secret to conquering clients is creativity in consulting activities and in its acumen in grasping the demand and desire of clients. Vietthink’s lawyers are always trained to catch clients’ minds and needs but to respect objective practices at the same time, and to smoothly combine the legal logic and legal practices in recognition and evaluation of issues. As a result, our consulting solutions are not framed by a purely legal thinking, but always find the most realistic outcome adapting to the requirements of clients, resulting from the crystallization of research, creative practical legal provisions, legal principles and practical experience.

Our secret is also presented in the ability to research, observe and identify new trends in business investment activities, technology, markets and predictable movements of legal policies to find out consulting solutions to “take shortcuts”. Always adapting to change to find new opportunities and solutions has become an unique feature of Vietthink’s working style. The bold breakthroughs in consulting solutions and the bravery, the confidence and the decisiveness of Vietthink are always highly appreciated by clients and that is an unique factor creating the attraction of our Brand.

In spite of difficulties and challenges ahead, with the success achieved, the youth and the ambition of lawyers, Vietthink is confident to go on the way towards the future firmly, becoming a typical law firm that takes a worthy position in the Vietnamese legal community.


Last updated: 09/24/2021