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Vietthink culture

Vietthink's culture is about dedication, standards and responsibility to the clients. As for Vietthink's lawyers, there is never a thought of backing down or surrendering to any legitimate requests of the clients, even if they are faced with professional or other challenges in practice. The motto: "Client is always right" has become a guideline for the thinking and actions of the lawyers in finding solutions for all situations and consulting cases to respond to the trust and expectations of the client.

Vietthink's culture is also associated with the professional, modern, dynamic and creative working style of the lawyers. At Vietthink, lawyers are well trained in their working style and independent, creative thinking. There is no limit to thinking, finding solutions to a problem for optimal efficiency. Every initiative and solution offered, even the smallest, is carefully considered and applied to appropriate situations. Each stage in the consulting process is scientifically organized, under strict control to create the best consulting products for the clients.

Vietthink's culture is also reflected in a friendly and humane working environment, which upholds common principles and values while still respecting creative freedom and individual initiative. All constructive ideas and contributions to the development of the company are acknowledged and responded to by the Board of Directors. Personal shortcomings, non-standard behaviors are sincerely reminded and suggested for people to correct and improve themselves.

Vietthink's culture is also a culture of discipline and order. As a member of Vietthink, every lawyer is always required to cultivate integrity, honesty, professional ethics, lifestyle, respect for working regulations and company culture, and at the same time to constantly learn, innovate and rise. And above all, lawyers are required to always be proud of, share and preserve the core cultural and spiritual values of Vietthink.

With the corporate culture that has been built and maintained over the years, Vietthink has truly become a friendly and ideal working environment, the second home in the mind and emotions of each lawyer. 

Last updated: 09/24/2021