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Logo Significance


Vietthink’s logo is inspired by the image of the Pathenon temple that worships Athena deity – Goddess of war and justice.

The main part of the Logo is a stylized image of the outer architecture of the Pathenon temple with strong columns supporting the pointed roof, with an angle of 45o to the East where the Sun rises. This metaphor layout both creates visual effects and evokes the convergence and spread of the brand.

The Logo’s body is the word VIETTHINK arranged in a long line like a bulwark, reminiscent of the solidity and integrity. The slogan “Always think for you” under the word is the perfect highlight of the Logo; it not only creates a softness in the Logo layout, but also exudes the message of Vietthink's friendliness, responsibility and dedication to clients.

The Logo’s main colours are ochre and black, symbolizing Land and Water. These are the two elements in the Five Elements according to the concept of the East, reminiscent of the connecting, exchanging and nurturing of life. The black symbolizes the core values that Vietthink pursues, while the ochre symbolizes the dynamism and flexibility to adapt to every situation.

In general, Vietthink’s Logo is a symbol of the firmness, integrity and strong rise of the law firm, but still keeps the sophistication and fineness. Those are the brand values that Vietthink has built and maintained over the years.  

Last updated: 09/24/2021