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HR strategy

With the philosophy of development based on human resources, Vietthink has been applying all policies to attract, train and foster a team of lawyers with both solid expertise, ethical qualities and demanding, professional attitude as well as the spirit to grow in profession.

Vietthink's team of lawyers is selected from excellent individuals all well-trained from reputable local universities and abroad, who nearly 100% own master's degrees and many also received doctorate degrees. Some lawyers previously practiced as businessmen, managers, judges, arbitrators, from which they have earned both professional reputation and in-depth practical experience. For young lawyers with less experience, the company provides them with advice on career orientation and favorable conditions to study and improve their qualifications as well as to interact with reality. Individuals with high potential are acknowledged by the company and are able to enroll in a long-term, methodical and strategic training to become the core member in the future.

Along with improving knowledge, Vietthink also focuses on fostering and improving professional skills for lawyers, through discussion between senior lawyers and junior lawyers or sending them to participate in short-term training courses on legal practice and consulting skills. Company also regularly organizes events such as seminars, presentations, writing articles,... for lawyers to share views, legal knowledge and profession, thereby creating a healthy competition environment among lawyers and creating opportunities for junior lawyers to assert themselves. 

To inspire lawyers in their work, Vietthink's Board of Directors always focuses on building a professional, friendly working environment and stimulating creative freedom. Every year, the company organizes polls and awards to honor teams and individuals with outstanding achievements and contributions to the company. Timely rewards and honors have encouraged a healthy competition among lawyers in daily activities. In addition, the Board of Directors also cares about the lawyers’ material and spiritual life, motivates the lawyers to confidently pursue their careers and long-term dedication to the company and the society.

Last updated: 09/24/2021