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The Government has been promulgated Decree No. 155/2018/ND-CP: Reducing a lot of business conditions belonging to management of the Ministry of Health.

On November 12, 2018, the Government has been promulgated Decree No. 155/2018/ND-CP on amendments and supplementations to some articles related to business conditions under state management of the Ministry of Health (“Decree No. 155/2018/ND-CP”). The amendments in this Decree are expected to build an obvious and transparent legal corridor, follow closely to practice, from that, facilitate, encourage and draw attenttion to social sources to invest on medical fields. It also ensures to satisfy with direction of the Prime Minister in Document No. 413/TTG-TH dated March 30, 2018 that "reduction, modification or repeal must be substantive, avoid abolishing or modifying in mechanical style, incorporating many conditions into new ones; ... do not cut this down and add another one or change of name."

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Last updated: 05/13/2019