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The 2023 Asean IPA Annual General Meeting & Conference was held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 17-18 March 2023 with the topic “Impact of Industry 4.0 on building and protecting IP Assets – Challenges Faced by Asean IP Owners”. Ms. Duong Van Anh (Patent & Trademade Attorney) and Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha (Lawyer) of Vietthink attended as members of the Association.

In the Annual General Membership Meeting on 17 March 2023, all the Attendees was reported on the Annual Report from the President of Asean IPA – Ms. Darani Vachanavuttivong, Treasurer’s Annual Report, Myanmar Group Report and the introduction of new Management Team for the term 2023-2025. On the same day, all the Attendees joined a Reception Welcome Party and share IP knowledge as well as updates on IP issues in many countries with one another. 

On 18 March 2023, some essential topics have been raised, in particulars.
Topic 1 titled “What is Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on ASEAN IP Owners and Practitioners?”. The topic revealed Key Factors of Industrial Revolution, Importance of AI and Edge Computing and How can AI and Edge Computing Help IP Owners and Practitioners?

To continue, Topic 2 concentrated on the relevant of IP to the protection of Data. Particularly, the topic raised some questions that does computer software meet the definition of inventions; "Is information processing by computer software through practical implementation of hardware resource?", Data protection from the IP law perspective?; Data protection from the cybersecurity law perspective; Data protection from the e-transaction law perspective; Data and IP Protection in China; Amends the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 andintroduces “database” as a type of “literary work” which will have copyright protection.

Topic 3 raised the question that if Industry 4.0 is an existential threat to traditional IP concepts. If the author/creator is not a legal person, who actually owns the IP? What about the patentability of AI or AI-assisted inventions? Has AI made all of these obvious? Should unethical acquisition of data or use of AI be rewarded with IP protection? How should IP creation or even IP infringements caused by AI be addressed?

Challenges in enforcing IP in a digital world is the title of the Topic 4. This is to point out the proliferation of online infringements, metaverse/virtual world use of IP without consent, infringements caused by the use of NFTs and other issues are all causing headaches to IP litigators and enforcers.

If innovation and IP are arguably the economic drivers of Industry 4.0, what are the latest IP valuation techniques and criteria to value such assets and what has WIPO done to further develop this important aspect which is a key to the commercialization of IP. The Topic 5 discussed on Valuation of IP and Industry 4.0 (and introducing WIPO IP Valuation Program).

The 2023 Asean IPA Annual General Meeting & Conference ends with a Gala Dinner where all the Attendees gathered and shared the moments together. The Asean IPA Meeting & Conference has again, connected all the IP Practioners in Asean Region after Covid Pandemic to build up a strong IP community as ever. We are looking forward to the 26th Asean IPA Annual General Meeting & Conference.

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Last updated: 03/18/2023