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VIETTHINK advices Sumitomo on expanding investment project in Viet Nam

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. is one of the largest and oldest private cooperation in Japan, operating in the fields of chemicals, shipbuilding, construction, ports, real estate, automobile, electronics, finance, banking, insurance, mining, etc. Sumitomo has become a multinational group having investment activities in over 60 countries. In Vietnam, Sumitomo has over 50 projects across the country. Most of Sumitomo plants are located in industrial zones, high-tech zone.

SEI Electronic Components (Vietnam), Ltd. a subsidiary company conducting production activities in Vietnam.

Recently, with the wave of transferring capital multinational corporations from China, Japan to Vietnam, Sumitomo also intend to expand the scale of investment in Vietnam, through two main way as to set up new investment project and increase investment scale of existing projects in Vietnam. As shared by the Head of Sumitomo Corporation, in future Vietnam will become the first destination in Asia. This intention is more practical when the Asean Economic Community (AEC) has been formed in which Vietnam is a key market and also a participant of TPP.

With deep experiences in the field of foreign investment, Vietthink has been selected to advice and support Sumitomo in their projects in Vietnam, especially the implementation of investment procedures.

Besides Sumitomo, Vietthink also advice a number of Japanese companies having investment activities in Vietnam, as well as first coming enterprises to seek investment opportunities. Dr., Lawyer Le Dinh Vinh-Director of Vietthink Law firm, member of Executive Board of Vietnam-Japan Association, has high understanding about the culture, people and business practices of the Japanese companies because he had long time training in Japan. Thus, Japanese firms are confident in the advices and support of Vietthink. /.
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Last updated: 02/28/2017